Thesituation of the MAS DE MANOU, a redoubt of industrial archeology in Móra la Nova, preserves thefacilities of theoldbrickyard (thebóbila) of Cerámica Llauradó. Josep Llauradó and Joan Ardévol, firstcousins, startedtheactivitywithanAraboven in Mas de la Coixa, in 1914. Soontheycame to a nearbyfarmand in 1923 theybought Mas de Manou, next to whichtheybuiltthebrickyard. Later, towardstheforties, thechildren, Josep Llauradó (unclePepito) and Joan Ardévol, dividedtheproperties: Juanito stayedwiththefarmsandPepitowiththebrickfactory. Thebrickfactorystoppedworkingtheyear 1984.

Thefacilitieswereadapted to become Comercial Llauradó, a buildingsupplywarehouse for reference in the Terres de l'Ebre.


Currently, Comercial Llauradó has twowarehouses, one in Mora la Nova andanother in Mora d'Ebre, in order to provide a betterservice to ourcustomers. Wehave, in eachwarehouse, anthe most innovative in tiles, bathroom elements, outdoor materials, swimming pools, ... Italso has a largeselection of raw materials for building, a hardware storewith a greatvariety of productsfromleadingbrandsandwhereyou can rent toolsandmachinery. Comercial Llauradó offers transport serviceandcustomcrane.

In Comercial Llauradó we can adviseyou on all kinds of solutions in buildingprojects, for individuals and professionals. Weofferour clients a personalizedservice, adapting to yourneeds. Comercial Llauradó is incorporatingnewproductsandservices, creatingnewsectionsandkeepingthe hardware Store up to day, andimprovingourtilestorefrequently.